End of the year needs

The following are the needs of House of James Ministries:

$1110,000 for the everyday needs for all 3 homes for the entire year of 2020

$10,000 for renovations at House of James 1. The home has rescued over 20 children and housed several work and witness teams over the past 14 years. Much wear and tear have been done.

$3,000 for renovation of upstairs bathroom at House of James 2. It’s currently gutted and not operational.

$5,000 to complete the construction of the House of James addition building (Scroll down to see video)

$15,000 to go towards a newer van for House of James 2

$15,000 to go towards a newer van for House of James 3

$125,000 To build a 4th children’s home with furniture and all.

We currently have $17,000 to go towards a small transition home for the kids ageing out. We need an additional $20,000 to make that project happen

Monthly support is always needed to help meet the everyday needs for all 3 homes. Need 10k to come in every month.

If you would love to give towards any of those needs, please click here. Remeber all your gifts are tax-deductible.

Thanks and blessings for the New Year to come!

Half Way Through Summer

Summer is flying by! We are already half way through it and lots has already happened! We were blessed with a team from Go Be Love in the first week of June. They visited with all three homes, played with the kids and met some needs for the homes and the children. It was a blessed time! We also had a team of students from Southern Nazarene University out of Oklahoma. They came for 17 days and helped with a VBS and spent some time with the HOJ 1 and 2 families. They even watched over the children at HOJ 2 for three days while the house parents got a much deserved mini vacation. During their 2 week visit, we were able to take them to a government ran orphanage where they played with the precious children. They also blessed 20 children from property stricken families by treating them to a day of play at a children’s complex with massive amounts of trampolines and pizza. It was amazing to see the joy that these children experienced.

We are also excited that the need to send the children from all three homes to summer camps have been met! Between the three homes, they are a total of 7 camps and summer events that the kids will be a part of. Camps are not only vital for the spiritual growth for these children, but it also allows the house parents to get a much needed break as well.

Every year on September 1st school starts here in Ukraine. As always, we will need to buy many school clothes and supplies for most of the children. We usually need around $150 per child. We will be buying for 27 kids this year. So we are in need of $4,050. Please pray that God provides this important need within the next month. If you would like to give towards the school needs, please click here. 

Please continue to pray for House of James Ministries as we are in need of more monthly supoort. Also, please pray for the abandoned children of Ukraine as many of them still need a place they can call home.

To help meet the daily needs for the children from all three homes, you can become a monthly supporter! If that is something you feel called to do, please click here.

Thanks for taking the time and reading our mid-summer update!

Blessings from all of us at House of James Ministries

July 18th, 2019

House #3 Expansion Project

Thank you to all who have contributed to this project. It has made all the difference to get us to this point. We still need your help.

We continue to need funds to put the finishing touches on the playroom / garage building, including a front porch for summer meals and also need to install pavers for the driveway leading up to it. Approximate funds still needed: $5,000.

Please visit our "Ways to Give" page and mark your donation if you would like to give towards this project.

February 3, 2019